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Program Director:
Peggy Klick
707.253.6100, Ext 120

Tobacco Education and Quit Smoking Program
2310 Laurel St., Suite 1
Napa, CA 94559

Tobacco Education Presentations

We provide free tobacco education presentations on request to bring awareness of the many dangers of tobacco use on personal health and the environment. We offer these presentations to civic groups, college health classes, schools, and other organizations throughout Napa County.

Tobacco Education and Quit Smoking Program

The Napa Tobacco Education and Quit Smoking Program has an important mission to educate the public about tobacco issues. We strive to reduce community secondhand smoke exposure with emphasis on public areas that include parks and apartments. One of our major goals is to encourage smoke-free, healthy environments. We offer quit smoking classes that double a person's chance for a successful quit. Our services include all of Napa County.

Quit Smoking Program

The Community Quit Smoking Program is comprehensive and free to all Napa County residents. Structured classes, nicotine replacement products and therapies, and support make it easier to quit smoking and stay smoke free. The Quit Smoking Program is based on the American Lung Association's Freedom From Smoking curriculum and taught by certified facilitators. You may enroll in one of our classes at Queen of the Valley Hospital or at Clinic Ole. Classes are held evenings 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. and run for seven weeks.

Our Quit Smoking Program uses the American Lung Association's "Freedom From Smoking" curriculum, a seven week program taught by Certified Facilitators. Structured classes and nicotine replacement products make it a highly successful program. The Community Quit Smoking Program uses a small group setting and is free to all Napa County residents. The classes are held at different places on weeknights between 6 and 7:30pm so you are almost sure to find one that fits your schedule. To register for a class, call (707) 253-6100, ext 132

Our Support Group

What do you do after you quit? Our program offers an on-going support group for anyone in the community who is tobacco free and would like to become part of a group that focuses on continuing positive lifestyle changes. The discussions are based on individual participant's needs and on recognizing dangerous triggers. The theme of the support group is to celebrate wellness and your new independence from tobacco.

Smoking Prevention

No one thinks about becoming addicted to nicotine when they have their first puff on a cigarette, but tobacco kills more people than AIDS, alcohol, homicides, and car accidents combined. Tobacco is the most preventable cause of disease and death in the nation. Cigarette smoking is a devastating and preventable cause of death in Napa County. About 15% of the population in Napa County uses tobacco.

Secondhand Smoke in the Napa Community

Through the efforts of the Tobacco Education Program and the City of Napa Parks and Recreation Commission, the City of Napa adopted a Smoke-Free Park and Recreation Ordinance in 2009.

The Tobacco Education Program and the County's Tobacco Advisory Board are working diligently to develop Smoke-Free Park and Recreation area ordinances for all Napa County jurisdictions by 2013.

The Smoke-Free Apartment Project is partnering with Clinic Ole's Neighborhood Wellness Program to promote smoke free apartment living to benefit both families and children.

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