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“GEN Z for CANV” is an innovative and dynamic high school volunteer program dedicated to making a positive impact on the community through organized fundraising activities. Focused on supporting the Napa Valley Food Bank, this program engages the energy and enthusiasm of Generation Z to address food insecurity in the region.

Mission & Objectives
The mission of "GEN Z for CANV" is to channel the passion of high school students into meaningful initiatives that contribute to alleviating hunger in the Napa Valley community. The program aims to organize and facilitate diverse fundraising activities to support the Napa Valley Food Bank in its mission to provide nutritious meals to those in need.

Community Engagement
The program fosters a sense of community among students, promoting teamwork, leadership, and social responsibility. Through collaboration with local businesses, community leaders, and the Napa Valley Food Bank, "GEN Z for CANV" establishes a network of support for its initiatives.

"GEN Z for CANV" not only addresses the immediate needs of those facing food insecurity but also cultivates a spirit of empathy and activism among high school students, empowering them to be change-makers in their community. Through creative and diverse fundraising activities, the program makes a lasting impact on the fight against hunger in the Napa Valley.


  • Food Drives: Students collaborate to organize and execute food drives within their schools and local communities. These drives collect non-perishable food items to stock the Napa Valley Food Bank’s shelves and ensure a steady supply of essentials.

  • Cupcake Sales: Sweet treats for a good cause! The program hosts cupcake sales within schools, coordinating with local bakeries or students with baking skills to provide delicious treats. Proceeds from these sales go directly to the food bank.

  • Gift Card Programs: “GEN Z for CANV” introduces innovative fundraising ideas, such as gift card programs. Students work with local businesses to offer special deals or discounts on gift cards, with a percentage of the proceeds benefiting the food bank.

  • In an effort to provide fresh, locally sourced produce to the Napa Valley Food Bank a community garden initiative within “GEN Z for CANV” can serve as both a sustainable food source and an educational platform. Students not only contribute to the growth of nutritious food for the food bank but also learn valuable lessons about agriculture, sustainability, and community engagement. Workshops and educational events can be organized to involve both students and community members in the process.

  • Other Programs: The program is not limited to specific activities, encouraging students to come up with creative and engaging ways to raise funds. This may include themed events, art competitions to be displayed at the Food Bank, or collaborative projects with local artists, all aimed at supporting the cause.

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